Monash University East Wing


Monash University


March 2018






Sibling Nation

The Eastwing of the Monash Student Campus Centre has been a site of student activism since its conception in the 1960s, and this activism is still alive at Monash Clayton. 

The refurbishment of the wing is part of a larger and ambitious blueprint to improve student experience and increase student participation at the university. A series of social moments encourage the various union groups (including the Monash Student Association, Monash Postgrad Association, Various Clubs and Societies, the Student Union Recreation Library and Wholefoods) and individuals to come together, or be in each other’s presence, to discuss ideas. The library and wholefoods entrance acts as the forum where food, recreation and academia converge. Surrounding it and down the adjacent corridors, the motif of the tongue emerges on the baffling, banquets and walls to symbolise the multiple voices found within the student union. 

The students may have different ways to manifest dissent, but the physical agitprop, such as political posters and stickers covering many doors since the 1960s, has not disappeared entirely. It has been rehung as wall panels. Circulation space becomes a bricolage of activity.