Occupational Health & Safety

Our Aim Is To Eliminate All Personal Injury Or Occupational Illness Arising From Company Activities

EDSA Group is committed to ensuring that all employees of the company work in a safe manner, consistent with legislative obligations and company OH&S; objectives.

Our aim is to eliminate all personal injury or occupational illness arising from company activities.

The EDSA Group management team and all employees have adopted and practice a pro-active approach in working towards a target of no injuries.

To achieve this target, the focus on a daily basis includes maintaining a safe workplace, awareness through training, support and positive reinforcement of initiatives, consultation with all stakeholders and formal review or performance indicators.

EDSA Group believes that good safety performance requires:

  • Safe plant and equipment.
  • Trained and motivated people.
  • Managers and supervisors personally leading improvement.
  • Continual monitoring of performance.


EDSA Group managers and supervisors are required to personally lead improvement by:

  • Ensuring all legal requirements are complied with,
  • Developing and sustaining a strong culture of working safely and protecting the environment,
  • Ensuring the requirements of EDSA Group standard are effectively implemented,
  • Setting and meeting improvement objectives,
  • Ensuring that good records are kept of the actions taken to meet the EDSA Group standard requirements.


The Director encourages everybody in EDSA Group to take personal responsibility for safety, and to exercise the utmost care before they commence any task. That is, they should stop and think how to perform the task without injuring themselves or others.