Security & Surveillance System Installations

CCTV And Digital Surveillance Systems

EDSA Group utilise a team of highly trained and motivated engineers and project managers across the company who install security systems to the highest of specifications, utilising the full spectrum of security products available on the market today.


EDSA Group design, install and maintain security and access control systems, using state of the art technology for controlling and recording multiple images simultaneously within complexes.

These systems enable security staff to monitor all areas of the premises, allowing them to spot potential security concerns. Aside from obvious safety benefits, these systems create a secure and safe facility.

Integrated Security Systems and Networked solutions must be carefully planned, designed, installed and maintained. It is the skills necessary to design and deploy fully integrated security systems that set EDSA Group apart from most of its competitors. We have extensive knowledge and experience of integrating different products such as CCTV, Access Control & Intruder Alarms, into a single networked system.


Access Control

EDSA Group is a quality installer of access control systems, offering a complete design, installation and maintenance package that is tailor made to each individual client’s requirements and objectives.

Installing access control systems into your business environment is a way of protecting your property, your personnel and your visitors. By managing and monitoring access into and from any area or building, this flexible system can ensure complete control over any site, however large or small.

From simple systems consisting of access control for three or four doors, ranging up to multi-site high security systems that incorporate the control of thousands of card readers EDSA Group will design a system that provides an individual solution for each client.

Access Control systems can be as flexible or as rigid as required, from allowing all employees access to all areas, simply monitoring their whereabouts to a comprehensive system which can be adjusted according to levels of security across employees and area.

EDSA Group’s experienced team of technicians work in conjunction with each client to ensure that the solution proposed meets the objectives of the client expectations both now and in the foreseeable future.


CCTV And Surveillance Camera Systems

EDSA Group design, install and maintain CCTV systems and surveillance cameras.

From a single camera to multiple sites, and multiple camera systems incorporating hundreds of cameras, EDSA Group has experience in designing and installing them all.

We install the very latest in system technology and are constantly reviewing and researching new products to make sure that EDSA Group stays at the forefront of the cutting edge technology.

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Fire Systems

EDSA Group design and install total Fire Systems with features such as heat and smoke detection, smoke beams, audio and visual warnings, air sampling and wire free systems, automatic door and ventilation operations, flame detectors, intrinsically safe systems, together with remote monitoring and fire brigade signaling systems.

Systems can be stand along or networked and integrated with existing security systems, to combine and simplify monitoring and detection processes.


Public Address Systems

As part of an integrated security and building management system EDSA Group can also install high quality Public Address and Public Address Voice Alarm systems.