Lighting & Building Automation

Every New Commercial Project And Existing Premises Should Seriously Consider The Superior Control And Energy Saving Benefits Of Lighting And Building Automation.

The EDSA Group is at the cutting edge of this intelligent technology which combines timers, occupancy motion sensors and preset lighting modes to maximise energy savings and deliver reduced lighting power bills.

Building design concept. Engineering of autonomous system of smart building

EDSA Group commissions improvements to commercial buildings not only to reduce the company’s power costs, but to also reduce the ongoing maintenance.

These power and lighting design improvements are primarily focused around providing a more flexible, automated lighting control system. Designs and installations are not only for new premises; design can be based around existing premises equipment and wiring. This means all companies can reduce power and lighting costs by contacting a EDSA Group representative to find out how.

EDSA Group can commission a system tailored to meet the requirements of each customer. Proposals include cost of installation, return on investment and payback periods for total customer comprehension.

Integration technology is a process of integrating systems to deliver cost savings through energy conservation simultaneously enabling ease of operation for all users.

The intelligent technology allows electrical services to be centrally controlled, delivering those services on an “as needed” basis. For example, lighting can be programmed to activate only when a person is in the vicinity (utilisation of motion sensors), and automated to switch off outside of business hours (pre-set modes), improving energy efficiency and running costs.

In addition, other automated services can be included such as air-conditioning control, irrigation control, audio visual and security control. These essential services can be added to the design to provide a genuine building control management system.

As state of the art audio visual facilities are a standard part of many boardrooms, it is critical to have these installed, programmed and controlled correctly as an integral part of the building automation system.

EDSA Group is fluent in building integration, allowing clients to determine the level of sophistication required to best meet their cost and energy management needs. Modular in design, lighting and building automation can be altered or expanded to meet the changing requirements of the business.