Can Electricians Complete Data Cable Installation?

When thinking of installations that relate to connectivity, many wonder if electricians are the right people for the job. Data cable installation does need to be expertly installed, and there are electrical components. But do they really fit the needs for a data cable job?

Here at EDSA, we have a suite of staff spanning from residential and commercial electricians all the way through to data communications system designers and installation technicians. Covering this broad range of services with a diverse team on hand to execute, this question is an easy one to answer. 

Electricians can compliment a data cable installation, but electrical installation is not the only skill that is needed for such a job. 

Data cable installation is not just about installing some data cables. Organisations in need of data cables have a range of requirements. Each job is unique and needs specialist systems designers to plan the solution according to the business’s needs.  

Electricians can deal with electrical components when installing data cables. An ideal solution would have electricians able to consult and step in where needed, but traditional electricians alone do not have the specialist skill in diverse data cabling environments. 

Systems design is essential. 

Systems designers utilise CAD systems to create detailed layouts of the voice and data cabling services. This has two critical benefits: 

  1. Ensuring the design meets the client needs before it is installed
  2. Providing a blueprint of the solution to use for future maintenance and alterations.

Whatever your data cabling needs, design and installation require a high degree of skill. Meeting the great data demands of businesses today, cabling installation is a team job, not a job for a single electrician. 
At EDSA Group, we have technicians, designers, and electricians working together to provide our clients with the best possible data cabling solutions. For installations designed and installed to meet your specific business goals, contact us today.

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