Why Access Control Is Essential for Companies of All Sizes

Access control is a critical aspect of facilities management for any business. It ensures people’s and assets’ safety, security, and privacy while allowing authorised personnel to access restricted areas properly. From small businesses to large corporations, access control is invaluable for controlling and monitoring who can enter a specific location and when.

If you own a small business, you may have wondered if setting up an access control system is worthwhile. The answer is a resounding yes! Below are reasons why:

Protection against External Threats

Facilities management is essential to protecting any business premises from external threats. Access control is a critical component of effective facilities management and helps to ensure that only authorised personnel can access restricted areas. It also helps to deter criminals from accessing premises, as they cannot quickly gain entry.

Access control systems can be set up to include a variety of technologies, such as biometric scanners, keypads, and CCTV cameras. These systems are designed to restrict and monitor access to certain areas of the premises, making it difficult for criminals to gain access. Additionally, access control systems can be configured to be used with intruder alarms, alerting staff or security personnel to any unauthorised access attempts.

Access control can also be used to monitor and control the flow of staff and visitors in and out of the premises. It helps to ensure that only those with the correct access credentials are able to enter the premises, helping to deter criminals from gaining access. By restricting access to certain areas, monitoring the flow of staff and visitors, and installing essential safety equipment and procedures, this can help to ensure that the premises are secure and protected.

Prevention of Data Breaches

Access control systems are becoming increasingly popular in the modern business world as they provide practical ways to manage entry and exit from a business’s premises. However, they do much more than just that; they can help prevent data breaches and ensure essential data security.

Data breaches can be costly for businesses, leading to a loss of confidential information, financial losses, and damage to the company’s reputation. Access control systems can help protect businesses from these risks by providing a secure way to control access to data. They use various features such as user authentication, encryption, and access logging to ensure that only authorised users can access sensitive data.

Access control systems can also monitor user activity and track who is accessing what data. It can be beneficial in helping businesses detect suspicious activity and prevent unauthorised access. Additionally, access control systems can prevent data from being copied or shared inappropriately, further protecting the company’s confidential information.

Efficient Management of Emergency Lockdowns

Access control systems can help organisations manage security breaches and emergency lockdowns more efficiently. By allowing organisations to quickly and accurately identify and respond to threats, access control systems can help minimise the risk of data loss, financial loss, and other security-related issues.

The main goal of an access control system is to protect an organisation’s assets, such as its data and physical premises, from unauthorised access. By limiting access to only those individuals with the proper credentials, an access control system can help an organisation maintain the security of its assets. The system can also monitor users’ activities and track any suspicious activity.

In the event of a security breach or emergency lockdown, an access control system can quickly determine who is authorised to access the premises and who is not. It helps organisations quickly identify and remove unauthorised individuals from the premises and prevent further damage or disruption.


Facilities management is a critical component of organisational security and protection. It provides a framework for managing an organisation’s physical infrastructure and resources, including the maintenance of security systems, the implementation of safety policies and procedures, and the oversight of emergency response plans. The value of facilities management is evident in its ability to reduce risk, improve productivity, and ensure compliance with critical regulations. Now that you know better, you should invest in a well-established facilities management system from EDSA Group. We are not only involved in the installation but also in the maintenance of the system. Please do not waste another minute; contact us to secure your premises now!

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